Classic Calendar

A port of the official Blizzard_Calendar addon to Season of Discovery and Classic Era. While we've strived to make the holiday data as accurate as possible, the game does not provide the info, so issues may arise with the dates/times not being correct. Anywhere where we didn't have an authoritative source of the data, we've made our best guess. Please report any issues you encounter here or in our Discord.

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  • A calendar that functions identically to the one found in WotlK classic and retail, while matching the expectations of being in Classic
  • Filters to control which categories of events are visible
  • Holidays
  • Battleground Weekends (including which BG has Call to Arms)
  • Darkmoon Faire's schedule (including the location)
  • Player-created events visible to anyone invited
  • Guild events visible to everyone in the guild
  • Raid/dungeon events updated for SoD and Classic Era
  • In-game mail notifications when an event is cancelled (we have no control over this)
  • The ability to copy/paste events from one day to another
  • The ability to mass-invite everyone from an event to your party/raid
  • A flashing calendar icon to notify you of pending invites
  • Addon Options Panel selections for authenticity
  • Localization almost complete for all available languages

Accessing the Calendar

  • Clicking the Calendar button at the top right of the minimap, replacing the time-of-day indicator
  • Typing /cal//calendar in chat, or /caloptions//calendaroptions to open the addon options

Known Issues

  • Holiday dates & times may be wrong
  • Notifications for upcoming events are not working
  • (Only affects characters NOT in a guild) Created/Updated events not showing up on the calendar until after relogging
  • No ability to disable the in-game mail notifications. This is outside of the addon's control and how the game handles events being deleted.
  • Pressing escape closes the entire calendar instead of 1 panel at a time. Unfortunately the original implementation uses functionality not available to our version.
  • Guild Announcements are unavailable, as are Community events. Both are features that only function in later versions of WoW.

Client Support

The addon supports both Season of Discovery and Classic Era servers.