Classic Auto Complete

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Aug 29, 2009

Owner: Kring

Restores the classic auto complete functionality of the send mail frame and adds your alts to the list used for auto completion.

While you type, the add-on searches for the first match in the following order:

  • One of your alts
  • One of your friends
  • One of your guildies

The autocompleted text will be grayed out so if you continue typing the text is overwritten and the search is refined.

This add-on saves the name of all your alts whenever you login with them. You do not have to put them on your friend list.

The following commands exist

  • /autocomplete add charname This command lets you add any char to the list. This char will be treated the same as if it would be one of your alts.
  • /autocomplete block charname This command blocks a char. This char will never be added to your alt list and will not be used for auto completion. If this char is on your friend list or in your guild, it will still be used for auto completion because the autocompletion for friend list and guild is down via the Blizzard API.
  • /autocomplete remove charname Removed this char from the alt list. This comman dis used to remove a previously added alt or to unblock a previously blocked alt.
  • /autocomplete list Lists your alt list.

Please check the main page on GitHub.


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