Choose Mount

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This is my very first addon. It adds new bar for mounts. You can move it by going to interface options for the addon and ticking Set Movable. Green overlay will show up allowing you to move the frame with mouse drag. Each button chooses random mount from one category:

1. Race - choosen mount depends on race of your character, human - horse, orc - wolf, etc.
2. Class - the same thing for the class, if your character's class has no uniqe mounts, there is no button.
3. Faction Ground - choosing ground only mount specific to your character's faction.
4. Ground - rest of ground mounts are here.
5. Faction Flying - same as ground ones.
6. Flying - same as ground ones.
7. Profession1 - mount specific to your first profession; similar to class ones, if there are no mount specific to your profession, there is no button.
8. Profession2 - same thing for second profession.
9. Aquatic - for the few aquatic mounts that are in the game.
10. Qiraji - Qiraji specific mounts.

You can now type /cm bind or /choosemount bind to enter keybinding mode.

If you want to hide this addon's frame and all it's button you can use /cm hide or /choosemount hide. To show it back you use /cm show or /choosemount show.

Addon now supporst Masque so you can change visual style of those buttons.