Instance Auto Marker

8,576 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3
What does it do?

It automatically puts a mark on chosen npcs in instances by simply targetting or mouseovering them.

How do I choose which NPCs I want it to mark?

The first time you go through an instance with the addon loaded, it will create a database of all the NPCs it finds. You can then use the /iam command to open the main frame then drag and drop the NPCs that you are interested in marking to form a priority list. When you go through the instance, every time you come across a pack of mobs the addon will put a mark on your chosen NPCS, prioritizing the first NPC on the list, then the second and so on.


There are some conditions that can cause Instance Auto Marker to set its status to 'not running':

  • You are not in an instance or the current instance is blacklisted
  • The addon is force disabled by using the button in the topright corner of the main frame
  • The current instance is not reflecting the filters in the Options panel
  • No priority targets list has been created
  • Someone in your group has a newer priority targets list for the current instance and that will be used

otherwise, Instance Auto Marker automatically activates when you enter an instance

in both 'running' and 'not running' statuses, the addon will gather npc data in its database (if the instance is not blacklisted)

Which marks does the addon use?

It uses the Skull and Cross markers by default

What's in my ToDo list for the addon
  • Markers customization
  • Crowd Control markers list

This is the old Challenge Mode Targeter project reworked and properly renamed


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