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CensusPlusWotlk is an update version of CensusPlusClassic that works with WoW Wotlk.


CensusPlusWotlk is an addon that records details about the characters online in your faction at the time of the polling. This is done with liberal use of the in-game /who command via the Wholib. The information is then stored in the CensusPlusWotlk.lua in your account's SavedVariables folder.

IMPORTANT: Due to the changes from TBC to Wotlk, Please fully REMOVE the CensusPlusTBC folder and related files. All current files will be represented by Wotlk rather than TBC.

Scarecr0w12 has made a website for collecting the CensusPlus data: https://WoWClassicPop.com

Check out the US-West Atiesh Server -
Find me on Alliance under Statichands


Want to help Contribute more?
Come join the projects discord and help make everything even more awesome!
We're always looking for people who can help expand, and make the addon, and website, far better!

Check our Githubs:

WowCensusPop - https://github.com/scarecr0w12/ClassicWowPop

CensusPlusWotlk - https://github.com/scarecr0w12/CensusPlusWotlk/



  • Original Author: Ian Pieragostini
  • Modified By: Cooper Sellers - warcraftrealms.com
  • Modified By: sylvanaar - LibWho integration
  • Modified By: Bringoutyourdead with support from Balgair both at warcraftrealms.com
  • Modified By: Bringoutyourdead with support from Padanfain both at warcraftrealms.com
  • Modified By: Christophrus - WoWClassicPopulation.com
  • Modified By: Lexie