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Filename CensusPlus-V7.0.0_WoL7.0.3_-_Toc_70000.zip
Uploaded by left2hand4dark
Uploaded Jul 19, 2016
Game Version 7.0.3  
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  7.0.0 - 07/19/2016 - Mandatory update - Data file will be purged.
    - Legion pre release & Legion expansion
    - main window graphics adjusted to allow space for new class
    - added Demon Hunter class
    - adjusted Level location.. with added class and starting at Blizzard minimum tracking level of 20, the level area will also be good for a future expansion
    - Gnome Hunters fully supported.
    - YOU WILL NEED to configure your options.. so open the options pane and remember or write down the settings, so you can recreate them in this new version.
 6.4.0 - 04/26/2016 - Mandatory update
    - While doing Legion prep work I discovered that Pandaren Class breaks were not correctly enabled.
    - This probably lead to under counts of Pandaren Shamans on high population realms.
    - Realms that did not require requeuing on result overflow of /who -r Pandaren would not under count.
    - CensusPlus main window Race and Class icon order changed to match current in game character creation screen order.
    - Note the correct way to view the race/class icons is from Right to Left, as that is the order they must be processed.
    - This release will purge the main CensusPlus_Database table.
    - Upload your existing census data to www.WarcraftRealms.com before installing this update, or lose the info you collected.
    - Uploads of previous acceptable release will be allowed thru Saturday 04/30/2016 after which only this version will be accepted for upload.
    - YOU WILL NEED to configure your options.. so open the options pane and remember or write down the settings, so you can recreate them in this new version.

6.2.0.b - 10/27/2014 - tested on 6.0.3 beta as functional
- Localization variables modified to work with Localization tool at Curseforge.
- LibWho updated to current release  and implementation fixed
- Translators have worked on the following frFR, deDE, ptBR, ruRU
- minimal to no support for esES, esMX, koKR, zhCN, and zhTW until people step up to do translations and reviews.
=== reminder www.warcraftrealms.com can only accept data in UTF-8 character set.
=== this means Russian, Korean, Chinese & Taiwan data can not be accepted at this time.
 6.2.0 - 10/20/2014  
    CensusPlus zip now contains two addon directories that need to be copied into your /Interface/addons folder
    Be sure to delete first any pre-existing folder and files  as new and renamed files are being used.
        [CensusPlus] is the main folder for CensusPlus
        [ImprovedOptionsFrame] is an optional but highly recommended as it allows you to resize and move the Blizzard Options panel.
    Unzip the files into your %World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory.

- valid for players using Blizzard's US, EU and TW data centers...
Korea and China realms are not currently identified well enough to allow CensusPlus to run.
    - addon graphics completely overhauled.. now allows variable transparency of the addon panels in game.
    - addon options integrated into standard Blizzard options panel.. with major changes in options
        - mouseover tool tips for every option
        - you can now set account wide settings for the addon
        -  you can now set character by character overrides from the account wide settings
        -  chat window command line settings have been demoted to immediate and very temporary option changes that go away on logout or modification via options panel.
        - if you get confused by all the option variations there is a check box at the bottom of the options panel to turn on VERY chatty display of what options are currently valid.
    - three levels of information display normal, verbose and a new stealth mode that suppresses nearly every chat window display
    - census button animation - gives quick glance status of active census snapshots.
    - improved auto-start and delayed-auto census control - 2 part control enable the check box THEN set your time delay,
        auto-start activated when time setting is between 5-15 minutes
        delayed-start for time setting between 16-29 minutes
    - option of 4 different end of census audio notices. none, sound 1, sound 2, sound 3 - 2 part control enable the check box THEN select your sound file number.
        - single default sound file is provided for all 3 slots, user can create their own unique sound snippets.
        Note: blizzard allows playing of .mp3 and .ogg sound file types.
            I recommend the free audio program Audacity available at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
             (remember to obey any copyright rules of your country if using and sharing snippets from copyrighted works)
   - Localization... all (I hope) text strings are now modifiable via Localization files.
   Note: due to the major change in Localization most older translations are invalid.
   Help has been and continues to be requested in supplying translations via curse.com's addon author support site curseforge.com
   If you can help translate or verify(review) translations please go to http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/census-plus/localization/

Display of guilds across the Connected realm set doesn't work at this time.

CensusPlus is a heavy user of Blizzards /who facility.
We use the LibWho-2.0 library to insure fair usage sharing among any addons using the LibWho library with manual who requests having priority to the queue.

First time users - You need to add CensusPlus to your addons, Log in on a character with the addon enabled, Log out to have the client save missing data tables, and then Log in as normal. This is a one time only event for each clean install.

With the adding of resume of active census after disconnect a problem will occur if you start a census in one Language and then decide to change WoW lsupported language with CensusPlus active running a Census.
The Census will resume with queries in the previous language.
This will cause all sorts of errors and confuse you. so Stop any active census runs before changing langugages.
Note language changes always purges the actual census data.