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CCC is a new CC tracker for Classic WoW (1.13).

To see the settings type /ccc in the chat.

This addon is meant to provide complete and accurate information for stunlocking and controlled sheeping, fearing etc.

The best API available for debuff information only works for the current target, which is not enough for this purpose, so this addon uses different information sources than most other CC/debuff trackers.

  • Only the player's own CCs are shown.
  • CCs are shown even when the affected unit is not the target.
  • CCs are shown even when they start while the affected unit is not the target.
  • Reapplication is detected even when the affected unit is not the target.
  • Diminishing returns are taken into account.
  • Special PvP durations are taken into account.
  • Spell ranks, talent bonuses and combo points are taken into account.

Green bars are active debuffs and yellow/orange/red bars are diminishing returns with reduction to 1/2, 1/4 and 0 respectively.


/ccc unlock

/ccc lock

These allow you to move the frames around.

/ccc invert

This changes the direction in which the bars move.

/ccc growth up

/ccc growth down

These define whether new bars are added above or below.

/ccc aoe target

/ccc aoe all

These define whether aoe spells are shown only for your target or for all affected units.

/ccc ignore

This prevents the effect with from being tracked.

Example: /ccc ignore Curse of Agony

To reenable it, use the same command again.

/ccc ignore

This lists the ignored effects.