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Castbars is a lightweight, efficient and easy to use enhancement of the Blizzard castbars, including both the Player/Vehicle Castbar, the Pet Castbar and the Mirror Timerbars, with the following added features:

  • Spell Icon: Add a spell icon on the left (or right) side of all castbars.
  • Timer: Adds a timer showing the current cast time and the total cast time on the right side of castbars. The number of decimals on the total cast time can be configured.
  • Pushback: If spell casting is delayed (pushback), the delay incurred is shown next to the cast time.
  • Queue Zone and Latency Indicator: Estimates the queue zone in which another spell can be successfully cast while casting (dark red). The queue zone is offset by the current cast latency (shown in red), and adjusted with the client lockout period for maximum accuracy.
  • Global Cooldown: Adds a global cooldown spark that runs along the top edge of the Player Castbar, or on top of a thin transparent bar when the Player Castbar is not visible but the global cooldown is active (typically because of instant cast spells).
  • Swing Timer: Similar to the global cooldown spark, a Swing Timer runs along the bottom edge of the Player Castbar (optional and off by default).
  • Target Name: Show the target name of the spell being cast on the Player Castbar.
  • Channeling Spell: Substitutes the "Channeling" text with the name of the actual spell being channelled on the Player Castbar.
  • Channeling Ticks: Displays a vertical tick for each tick of a channeled spell on the Player Castbar for selected channeled spells.
  • Range: Recolors the Player Castbar if the target of the spell moves out of range while casting a spell.
  • Tradeskill Merge: When creating multiple items using a tradeskill, the individual casts will be merged into one single cast, showing the total progress and the time left (in minutes and seconds).
  • Visual Customisation: All Castbars can be resized (width/height), recolored and freely repositioned.
  • Target/Focus: An extra independent and freely movable Target Castbar as well as a Focus Castbar is added, which shows the spell your current target and focus is casting, making it easier to time interrupts, by enabling you to put the castbar in an appropriate place. If the spell cannot be interrupted, the bar appears with a silver shield around it and the bar colour changes to silver.
  • Mirror Timers: Enhances the Mirror Timerbars to allow repositioning and customization of visual options (texture, border, width/height, font, colour) like the normal castbars.
  • Blacklisting Use "/castbars blacklist <spellname|spellid>" chat command to add/remove spells from blacklist and "/castbars blacklist" to print the current blacklist. Blacklisted spells will not be shown on any castbars.
  • SharedMedia: Support for LibSharedMedia-3.0 to allow configurable bar texture and border as well as font.
  • ConfigMode: Support for ConfigMode to allow quick and easy repositioning of bars. Try out OneButtonConfig to make it easier to reposition visual elements of addons that support ConfigMode.
  • Profile support: By default, all settings are per character, but it is easy to set up profiles for each talent specialization (switches automatically on talent change) or a single profile that can be shared between characters.

Castbars works by modifying the existing Blizzard Castbars and Mirror Timerbars and makes heavy reuse of the existing Blizzard code for driving all frames. This saves memory and reduces the overhead but can lead to problems with other addons that tries to hide the Blizzard frames. Castbars is passively protected against this kind of behaviour, and has no known conflicts. However, if you experience problems with bars not appearing when running together with other addons, please provide feedback so the protective measures can be improved.

Configuration: Either use the Blizzard Addon Configuration Panel from the Main Menu, or use the slash command /castbars or /cb to access it directly.

Feedback: Please post your comments and questions in the forum thread at If you find an issue or have a suggestion for improvement, please post a ticket at