Can't Heal You

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3.11 - Bugfix for empty messages.

3.1 - Bugfixes, added ability to turn off in Battlegrounds.

3.03 - Bugfix for loss of control messages and taxi flights.

3.02 - Bugfix.  Only one bug has been reported for 3.00, so making 3.02 (with the fix for that bug) the release version.

3.00 - Major upgrade.  Per-character configurations, GUI configuration dialog, ability to whisper for interrupts and existing buffs, ability to send party or raid message when incapacitated.  Code has been set up to allow for localization into other languages.

2.12 - Fixed whispers for running out of range, which Blizzard changes had broken....

2.11 - Okay, *now* whispers cross-server.  Really.  Trust me.

2.1 - now whispers cross-server

2.02 - won't try to whisper people cross-servers, since that's not possible yet

2.01 - bugfix for flight master bug, loss of control bug

2.0 - updated ToC for WoW 3.3, and added /chyw command for manual range-check-and-whisper in macros

1.6 - added throttling of whispers; default is one per 10 seconds per player

1.5 - added slash commands to turn on and off notifications, and to set the messages sent

1.0 - first version

Caveats and problems are described in the included README.