Calm Down and Gamble

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Calm Down and Gamble!

Because who really pays attention during trash anyways?

Calm Down and Gamble is an addon that makes use of the /roll command in WoW so that you can gamble on the outcome of rolls, like playing dice! There are a number of game modes from High-Low (Lowest roll pays difference to Highest roll) to Yahtzee! The easy to use UI makes rolling, keeping track of rolls, and paying your friends when you lose, fun and easy!

The UI

Calm Down and Gambling has 2 main UI configurations, "Casino Mode" and "Player Mode". You can toggle between the two UIs by right clicking on the frame, or using the mini-map button. To show the UIs when hidden, you can use the mini-map button or /cdg

Player Mode


The Player UI will automatically pop up if another player starts a game with the Casino UI in your group. In player mode, you have 3 buttons:

  • Enter: Enters 1 in the chat box to register for the next round
  • Roll!: Performs the /roll for the correct range for the given game mode.
  • Payout: Opens trade and enters the correct gold amount. IMPORTANT This will never press the trade button or commit to a trade for you. The API is properly locked by Blizzard

Casino Mode


In Casino mode, the you can host new games for your friends! You'll notice you have the same Player UI at the top, but below you have:

  • Bet Amount Box: Sets the Gold amount for the next game (defaults to 100)
  • NewGame | LastCall | StartRolls | Status: This box toggles between the game modes, press NewGame to start a game, LastCall to start a 10 second timer before Rolls begin, StartRolls ends the timer immediately and starts, and Status prints in Chat who has not yet rolled.
  • HiLo | LilOnes | < Game Mode >: This is another rotating toggle button, one for each game mode. Set this before pressing NewGame
  • Party | Raid | Say | Guild | CDG: Select the Chat Channel, CDG is a custom channel you can create with slash commands.
  • Reset: Ends the current game and resets

Score Board


There's now a scoreboard so you can watch your friends roll! Ranks from winner to loser top-down.



Lowest roller pays Highest roller the difference between their two rolls. Bet is upper bound of /roll


Highest roller pays Lowest roller the difference between their two rolls. Bet is upper bound of /roll


All players /roll 1-2, all 1 tiebreakers go into the Losers bracket, and all 2 tiebreakers to the Winners Bracket. Ultimate loser pays Ultimate winner full Bet amount.


Based on a simplified set of Yahtzee rules, the 5 numbers resulting from /roll 11111-99999 are scored by "Yahtzee", "Four of a Kind", "Full House", "Three of a Kind", "Doubles" and "Singles". Lowest score pays Highest score full Bet amount.


The inverse of Big TWOS! All players /roll 1-2, all 1 tiebreakers go into the Winners bracket, and all 2 tiebreakers to the Losers Bracket. Ultimate loser pays Ultimate winner full Bet amount.


Bet amount represents the "Bullseye" number, all players /roll twice the bullseye number. Furthest from the Bullseye Loses and pays Winner closest to the Bullseye difference between their rolls.

Slash Commands

/cdg : Toggles the UI between Casino, Player, and Hidden
/cdg auto : Toggles auto showing of Player UI

/cdg stats : Prints ranking of biggest wins and worst losses
/cdg resetStats : Resets rankings

/cdg ban &lt;player&gt; : Adds player to the Ban list
/cdg unban &lt;player&gt; : Removes player from the ban list
/cdg resetBans : Resets all bans

/cdg join &lt;channel&gt; : Set up or join a custom gambling chat channel (should work for communities!)
/cdg leave : Leaves custom gambling channel

/cdg help : Displays slash command help

Source Code!!
[Calm Down] US-Magtheridon - Gambling guild with a raiding problem.
[Shh Calm Down] US-Mal'ganis - Shhh, Gamble.


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