CalamityEPGP handles all functions of your guild's EPGP loot system. This addon does not use your guild's officer notes to store standings. Therefore, it can handle standings for PUGs as well as guild members.


  • Maintains your guild's EPGP standings
  • Assists in distributing loot
  • Auto awards EP for boss kills
  • Maintains table of mains to alts
  • Syncs EP and/or GP between characters depending on settings
  • Keeps a history of EP/GP modifications for auditing
  • GP value and awarded information in an item's tooltip
  • Base GP to prevent new raiders and returning raiders from winning gear over consistent raiders
  • Different GP value when awarding item for OS


Chat commands

  • /ce - get a list of commands
  • /ce show - show the main window
  • /ce history - show the history window
  • /ce cfg - show the configuration menu

Main window

  • Add EP to the selected roster
  • Decay EP/GP for the entire roster
  • Modify EP/GP of a single player

Distributing loot

  • Shift+Click on an item (in the loot window or your inventory) to open the loot distribution window
  • Click the "Start" button to start accepting rolls
  • Raiders /roll for MS and /roll 99 for OS
  • Select the awardee and click the "Award" button to automatically send the item to the player and increase their GP
  • If you are distributing the loot from your inventory, the awarded items will automatically populate the trade window when opened

Getting standings

Whisper the loot master

  • !ceinfo to get your standings and rank within entire roster, guild, and raid
  • !ceinfo {player} to get player's standings and rank within entire roster, guild, and raid


  • EP: Effort Points - points gained through various things like attending raids and downing bosses
  • GP: Gear Points - points gained by receiving gear
  • PR: Priority - Calculated using EP / GP
  • Decay: Reduces the EP and/or GP (typically both) of the entire roster by some percentage
  • Base GP: Minimum GP value for all raiders. Also used as the initial value for new raiders

Comments, questions, concerns?

Please submit an issue on Github: https://github.com/Frechetta/CalamityEPGP.