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A Simple WoW Addon That Will Pull Up a Friendly Players Inspect Gear Frame By Pressing Control + Left Mouse On The Player.
Thank You For Using This Addon! If You Experience Any Issues Using C-Inspect Feel Free To Open An Issue Or Email Me At


Client Install:
1. Ensure That There is a WoW Addon Client Downloaded (Curse, WoWUp, Etc...)
2. Download C-Inspect @
3. Press The Curse Forge Download Icon To Begin Automated Install.

Manual Install Instructions:
1. Download the latest C-Inspect files @
2. Unzip The C-Inspect Directory From The Archive.
3. Locate your WoW AddOns Folder ( ~/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/AddOns )
4. Move the C-Inspect Directory to the WoW AddOns Directory.
5. If the Game Is Currently Running Make Sure To --/reload-- The UI To Update The AddOns.

To Do's:
1. Remove Target Frame After Inspect Screen Opens.
2. Fix Inspect Window From Closing If Player Holds Control Key Too Long.