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What is it? :
Btex (for 'Bottom TEXture') is a very lightweight addon for World Of Warcraft providing Background texture at the bottom of the screen and was created by Tiggy.
It contains a package of pre-made skins, a simple menu for settings skins, texture height,width,transparency,colors, positions, viewport,etc ..


What can it do? :
- Put a texture of your choice on the bottom of the screen via menu options (use /bx menu or /btex menu),
- Set height/width/transparency/position/colors/layer of your texture,
- Use any other TGA/BLP texture file or any other 'pack' of skin,
- Display a grid to setup your interface correctly,
- Modify the 3D rendering area with viewport function,
- Work in any resolution,
- Low memory usage & standalone addon (no libs or dependency are needed).

Ready to use skins :
The following skins are packaged and are ready to use via the option menu:
- Dark Shadow serie
- Simple Black
- Fade Black
- Red Fury
- Warcraft Classic
-Ice Dragon
- Ice Dragon remake (credits to Xaphiroth)
- Ice Dragon remake with pet bar(credits to Xaphiroth)
- Wall,
- White Dragon


WARNING IF YOU ARE UPDATING BTEX: backup your Interface\Btex\Skin folder if you use custom skin !


Skins package known to work (Thanks to all artists sharing artwork !):
You can download and use this skins too (copy them to /Interface/Addons/btex/skins/ and just use "Custom skins" then type the name of the file u want to use without the "-1.tga" :

- Skins by "Duxy"
- Skins by "Brandon87"
- Skins by "Jaimie"
- Skins by "Chemmy"
- Skins by "Bloodfest"
- Skins by "Bornabe"
- Skins by "RosyBijou"
- Skins by "Molkolo"

Making your own skins :
Download 1 of these PSD files to get started.
- BTexUI
- BornabeUI

When done, make 4 tga like this :
- image must be in RGB,
- Width and height must be a 512x256,
- Color depth must be 24-bit (8x8x8),
- 8-bit alpha channel must be present (thus making a 32 bit depth),
- Image must be uncompressed,
- Image must be TGA or BLP

How can i share my artwork ? :
Create an account on wowinterface, then upload it there as a plugin under Plug-Ins & Patches


Translation :
Language aviable for all frame config are :
- Default : english/US localisation,
- French localisation,
- German localisation, credits to Kuhglöckchen a.k.a. Blocki
- Russian localisation, credits to Troyen
- zhTW and zhCN localisation, credits to


How do I run menu config ? type "/bx Menu" or "/Btex menu" in the chat windows.
Why the download is so big ? it's because it contain many images.
How do i load custom skins? Copy TGA or BLP files to /interface/btex/skins/ directory, and use the "custom texture" options on the top dropdown menu. Write name file without the end "-1.tga".
Example: for 'blabla' skin, you have 4 tga named blabla-1.tga, blabla-2.tga. Write 'blabla' in the custom name.
Do the skin support transparency ? yes. Via images files and via WOW API.
Can i use BLP file? Yes. use custom load skin, and do like with any other tga file.


A development of Tiggy's excellent addon
Original file/addon can be found here : Tiggy's Btex