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A data broker plugin that shows world quests in list form, so you can quickly find the ones that are worth doing.

This addon does nothing on its own! You NEED to have a data broker addon like Chocolate Bar or similar installed!

Highly recommend to use it together with Better World Quests



  • Shows World Quests when hovering over the data broker block
  • Swap between expansions via the buttons in the top-right corner
  • Right-click the data broker block or click the cog icon to access the filter/settings menu
  • Filter quests by reward, type, faction, active bounty and more
  • Sort by quest reward or time left
  • Clicking a quest opens the world map for the specific zone that the quest is located in and highlights it
  • For TomTom users: clicking a quest can also add a waypoint (cleared on arrival or logout)
  • Shift-clicking a quest will track it in the sidebar
  • New quests will have an indicator in the list (for 15 minutes or until relog/reload)
  • Bounty display and indicator on quests that count towards active bounties
  • Paragon reputation bars


  • Missing quests for the following achievements are highlighted with the quest title in green:
    • Fishing 'Round the Isles (Legion Fishing)
    • Battle on the Broken Isles (Legion Pet Battle)
    • Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras (BFA Pet Battle)


Planned Features

  • Visual improvements (especially some icons)

Latest version can always be found in the github repository.


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