Last Updated: Sep 8, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Jul 2, 2010

Owner: Pathur


Broker_ProfessionsMenu is a broker addon for managing your trade skills and trade cooldowns.


  • tracking of cross-realm trade skills and cooldown timers,
  • displaying toast notification after the cooldown timer has expired
  • quick launching of all trade skills via drop down menu or via mouse shortcuts
  • shows in item and recipe tooltips, if one of your characters can craft/enchant this (Supports Atlasloot Tooltips)
  • easy and fast mass disenchanting/milling/prospecting/lock picking (with auto looting)
  • favorite list for quick access of your trade skills
  • creating of separate quick launchers (brokers) for every trade skills (listet as "Launcher: NAME" in your display addon)


  • Broker Display Addon (Titan Panel, Bazooka,Button Bin, Chocolate Bar, ...)

Please note

  • On first time you must open all tradeskill frames from every character once to scan for tradeskill links, trade cooldowns and craftable items.
  • Tooltips can not be disabled over the broker display addon, so do this directly in Broker_ProfessionsMenu options (Right Click -> Settings -> Tooltips)

Known Issues


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