Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jan 14, 2012

Owner: wusula

Keeps track of current money and other currencies on all your characters on one realm.

It's LDB for your currency flow. This is a continuation of the add-on Broker_Cashflow by Aledara (heavily based on FuBar_MoneyFu).


  • Keeps track of gold, PvE, PvP and other currencies, as well as Archaeology Fragments
  • Fully configurable tooltip.
  • Summary (Characters on current realm) can be ordered on any column
  • Individual characters can be set to ignored
  • Color a currency if cap is reached
  • Current 5.4 currencies

Options panel

You can access the options panel by right-clicking the data button, through the Blizzard Interface->Addons panel, or though the /cashflow or /cf commands.


All localization entries must be added to the WoWAce localization application. When the addon is packaged, the localization strings are taken from the application and added to the code.


  • phyber (Fubar_MoneyFu)
  • Aranarth (Ara Broker Money)
  • Zhinjio (Broker HitCrit)
  • Aledara (Broker Cashflow)


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