4,670 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 22, 2017 Game Version: 7.1.5

This is a LDB addon that keeps track of how much cloth and bolts of cloth, you and your Alts have in your bags, bank and Guild.

When viewing a guild bank, the addon will not update till the guild bank window is closed, this is because of other people might be using/removing stuff from the guild bank at same time.

It has options for :
  • Toggling bank, alt and guild bank counts on the tooltip..
  • Showing Zero Counts.
  • Which expansion elements to show elements from on the tooltip.
  • Tracking what element you want in your inventory regardless of expansion pack selected, on the LDB display.
  • Ability to show icons on the tracker and /or tooltip.
  • Many other options for configuration.
  • Supports Localization. Need people to translate though.

Requires a LDB display.

All bug reports should be filed using the ticket system located here.

If you would like to help translate for me, please use the localization system here.


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