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Update Version 2.0 r058:

  • fix for calculating max. screen dimension in windowed mode

Update Version 2.0 r057:

  • fix for supposed game crash due to premature calls to GetCurrentResolution() and GetScreenResolutions()

Update Version 2.0 r056:

  • fixed bar text display for "Side by Side Text" option

Update Version 2.0 r055:

  • fixed major problem with GetQuestWorldMapAreaID() causing map zooms and map zooms causing QUEST_LOG_UPDATE to fire resulting in messed up zooming on world map

Update Version 2.0 r054:

  • bumped toc to 70000
  • fixes due to changes in Blizzard's API
  • adjusted argument handling for chat commands
  • adjusted auto-hide delay handling for tooltip
  • some code cleanup
  • updated libraries for 7.0

Update Version 2.0 r053:

  • added support for short faction names (see Options/Factions)
  • updated korean translations (thanks to Elnarfim)
  • jump to addon options on very first open options also

Update Version 2.0 r052:

  • fixed incorrect identifiers in ScriptEnv functions

Update Version 2.0 r051:

  • fixed incorrect notification that could happen after quest hand in
  • improved updating of completed/incomplete quest xp/rep to avoid jumpy bar update
  • fixed mock values for completed/incomplete quest xp

Update Version 2.0 r050:

  • fixed typo that broke GetValue(id) for ids QuestCompleteXP/Rep in text scripts

Update Version 2.0 r049:

  • fixed typo that caused notifications to fail
  • fixed notifications when switching between factions

Update Version 2.0 r048:

  • new text system for bars and Broker labels
  • support for completed and incomplete quest XP and reputation (for tooltip, texts and bars)
  • bar length adjustable
  • side by side option for displaying texts on bars
  • fixed darkened color problem of default texture setting
  • new option 'No Texture' to display bars in opaque colors

Update Version 1.7 r047:

  • updated libs
  • .toc bump to 60200

Update Version 1.7 r046:

  • fixed bug that caused first rep gain to be lost
  • updated libs
  • .toc bump to 60000

Update Version 1.7 r045:

  • corrected initialization of xp history, which fixes regular problem with calculated xp related data
  • bumped toc to 50400

Update Version 1.7 r044:

  • fixed error when sending reputation to active textbox

Update Version 1.7 r043:

  • fixed problem with tracked faction set via Blizzard reputation pane

Update Version 1.7 r042:

  • changed Bar, History and ReputationHistory tables to AceAddon modules
  • new module Factions acting as facade to ugly blizzard faction api
  • fixed bug with folded faction headers (not losing tracked faction anymore)
  • fixed problem with auto-tracking of guild
  • simplified bar handling
  • bar textures now show up as one continuous texture extending to the whole bar width (instead of one texture per section e.g. xp/rested/none)
  • fixed font and font size handling for bar label

Version 1.7 r041:

  • fixed broken mouse selection for frame attachment of bars

Version 1.7 r040:

  • updated korean localization (thanks next96)
  • minor adjustments

Update Version 1.7 r039:

  • modularized addon
  • some code cleanup
  • moved some generic functionality to namespace functions
  • upgraded .toc to 50300

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