Broker: Instance Difficulty

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Feb 5, 2014

Owner: Phanx

<big>Shows the current instance difficulty on your DataBroker display.</big> DE Zeigt die aktuelle Instanzschwierigkeit auf deiner DataBroker-Anzeige. ES Mostrar la difficultad de estancia actual en tu barra DataBroker.

There are no options. By default, no text is shown when you are not in a dungeon, raid or scenario; if you want to see some text, open the Addon.lua file in Notepad and edit the DEFAULT_TEXT value at the top.

Language Support

Compatible with all languages. If the C/H/N/M abbreviations are not widely understood in your language, please post a comment with your preferred abbreviations.


If you are reporting a bug, please include detailed instructions I can follow to reproduce the bug myself, whether or not it still happens when all other addons are disabled, and the exact text of the first related error message (if any) from Bugger.