This addon provides a small UI and event handling that facilitates a BRD Escort Quest Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrvX4IWKLok


/bef show



Shows Gor'Shak's health %

Shows player and party mana %

Highlights users who have mana under a certain threshold

Allows you to modify wave counter if UI resets or group restarts



When talking to Gor'Shak, if he is full health and your group has enough mana, automatically accept the escort quest

When the escort quest is accepted, automatically abandon it and yell the current wave.  If this is the tenth wave, print a message about looting and restart the counter

A few seconds after the quest is accepted, notify mages to start casting Flame Strike

When fighting, yell out when a mage casts Frost Nova

After the fight is over, send the wave message again

If another group member is running the farm, auto-decline the "Would you like to start the quest too?" prompt.


Known Issues:

Gor'Shak's health can only be detected if he's targeted

Auto-declining escort prompt when a party member starts the quest most likely only works for clients that have their language set to english