Bounty Hunted Motion Tracker

812 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 4, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Bounty Hunted Motion Tracker

Demo Video



Inspired by the Alien movie franchise, this will provide you with audio alerts very similar to the motion tracker effect in the movies for the closest player that has the debuff Bounty Hunted.

The Bounty Hunted debuff is part of the new Warmode system, and is given to up to 10? players in your zone that have killed a high number of your faction.

The sound effect will get faster and higher pitch the closer you are to the bounty target. If there are multiple player with the debuff it picks the closest one to you. You can choose to disable any of these individual sound effects, including disabling them all if you want.

  • Over 450 yards sound every 16 seconds
  • Between 350 and 450 yards sound every 8 seconds
  • Between 250 and 350 yards sound every 4 seconds
  • Between 150 and 250 yards sound every 2 seconds
  • Between 50 and 150 yards sound every 1 second
  • Under 50 yards sound every 0.5 seconds

It will also display a list of bounty targets in your zone, along with the name of the player, class, race, distance away, and an arrow pointing in their direction.


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