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  • Currently Updated by Horrorbrood
    Email & battle.net: riosu54@yahoo.com
  • Author: Bethink

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About Boss Notes

Boss Notes provides shareable notes and other information for your guild, party and raid community.

The add-on lets you take notes from your boss encounter learning and share this information with other players.

You can also use Boss Notes as a general, structured in-game notepad.

Boss Notes records trash and boss abilities as well as boss emotes and provides a collection of short encounter tactics.

With the powerful Rules module, you can extend your existing boss mod with additional encounter rules for custom notifications, timers, raid target icons and yells.

Boss Notes is based on a modular design. The standard distribution contains the Personal Notes, Abilities, Emotes, Tactics and Rules modules. Extension modules can provide additional functionality.


If you have a Lightweight Data Broker (LDB) container add-on such as Titan Panel, Boss Notes shows in that container. Left-clicking the Boss Notes icon toggles the Boss Notes window; right-clicking the icon shows the options. If you do not have an LDB container, type /bn toggle to show the Boss Notes window and /bn options to show the options. Boss Notes provides a key binding to toggle the Boss Notes window. You may want to assign a key to that binding to gain quick access to Boss Notes.

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Classic and TBC

Visit file section and download TBC version release or click here