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bob wants to run dungeons and LFR to get as many satchels as he can....

bob tried alot of satchel addons and they all seemed to have some issue that made them unusable...

be like bob!


  • 1.35 change: Fixed an issue where dungeons did not update correctly, all issues should be completely fixed.
  • 1.34 change: Fixed the list of dungeons available via timeline changes, item level changes, etc, all still dynamic.
  • If more than 1 role is selected will queue for those roles, as long as *1* role has a satchel, ALL ROLES WILL GIVE A SATCHEL. (ie, queue as heals/damage for heal satchel, damage pops, you still get satchel)
  • You can queue for different/multiple roles for different dungeons/raids.
  • No dungeons/raids/rewards are hardcoded.
  • Everything is taken from server to work as new dungeons and raids are added.
  • Shows you all the LFD/LFR raids available so that you can make your choice as easy as possible.
  • Ability to queue for LFR "Rewards First", making ALL LFR rewards queued first over other satchels.
  • LDB interface to queue.
  • Supports all minimap button collectors addons.
  • Has the option to auto open satchels!
  • Comes with a loud mp3 queue alert. The mp3 file makes it customizable by you!
  • Allows you to hover over a raid to see which bosses you have killed so far this week.
  • Extensive options screen to fine tune how you want it to appear and work.


  • You can click the tank, healer or damage icon to toggle all.  When clicked it will uncheck all.  If all were unchecked before clicking it will turn all on.
  • The "Auto Dock" option always docks to "Minimap button", even if the option is turned off.
  • LDB! LEFT CLICK: queue, SHIFT LEFT CLICK: unqueue ALL, RIGHT CLICK: show/hide UI.
  • UI always lights up which roles have satchels available.
  • Global button name so you can make a macro to queue: /click bobSatchelsQueue
  • You can access options with /bs, or /bobs, or /bobsatchels

You can manually queue any dungeon/raid by clicking the box under the green eye.