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BlindSlash is targeted at the blind audience. 

TTS reads questtext upon talking to npcs. The waylist has a functionality to read quests.

Blindlash now has pathing to quests and available quests on the map.

 Anyone that is interested in mapping the zones or uses BlindSlah themselfes can join our discord.

Also there is Channel on the discrod to be able to login to the game and create a character.

You need the addons TomTom and ConsolePort from the discord to make everything work.

If you wonder after an update why the addon might not work try these commands.

/click AddonListForceLoad

/run EnableAddOn("BlindSlash")ReloadUI()

BlindSlash works best with a modified version of Consoleport that you can get from the discord.

                                                                                        DISCORD FOR MAPPING THE WORLD https://discord.gg/8nmy89yyu4

You might wanna watch some videos on how to setup blindslash as a blind player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy_7kJFXFs8

Blindslash combined with consoleport enables ui navigation with keyboard and tts. make sure to take the modified version of consoleport from our discord.

Blindslash has questnavigation and things like target distance announcers.

Example Commands right now : /bsexplain will describe the addon. make sure to type this one since you can enter on the commands to enable them.

                                                       /bs                  reads out List of all Chatcommands. 

                                                      /waylist            will open a list of TomTom waypoints made by mappers. it has get to quest navigation aswell. entire dragonflight is mapped.

                                                      /bsmute           will toggle to mute many automactic sounds by BlindSlash. report the missing ones pls.

                                                      /magnify        this will magnify any frames your mouse is over with plus and minus keys. not saved between sessions. its ment to resize on the fly.

                                                      /bmm             enlarges your minimap. might help to get through dungeons when you have some sight left.

                                                       /bsbind followed by a keybinding and a spell item or bs command will bind that command to that key.  /bsbind O Hearthstone.  /bsbind CRTL-S spin. or together with the Addon 

                                                       /name            reads out  current target name. Macros like /targetenemy /name can be usefull with this.

                                                       /coords          reads out coordinates of the player position.

                                                       /zone              reads out  MinimapZone.

                                                      /compass      reads out  compass direction  of your character is facing.

                                                      /importweakaura     makes it easier to import weakauras without clicking stuff. Just copy paste the import string afterwards and type /importaccept.

                                             Blindslash has way more chatcommands for anything you might think of. There is also a hint read out every login to let you know how to use blindslash.

 To Filter TTS use:                 /ttsfilter                    type for example "/ttsfilter  spammything" to add "spammything" to the filtered list.  All TTS messages that contain things of the list will be blocked whole.Needs reload to take effect.

                                                   /ttsfilterreset            clears the ttsfilter list.

Feel free to make suggestions what commands i could add.

I recommend putting commands you like into macros.

How  To enable TTS:  type /tts to enable tts reader by Blizzard. Then activate channels by typing /tts system   for example.  Also Type /tts mymessages to hear your own messages. Tap out of wow and in again when using tts first time per session. 

type this into chat for the blindslash tts:

/bstts 0 nofullstop 5 100                                            

General Tips:

In case you dont know. For descending on a Flyingmount press "X" .

The Item "loot-a-rang" from engineering is very helpful with ranged looting.

Other useful commands you might want to know and might help you getting tts running: /tts   will toggle tts on and off.

                                                                                                        /tts voice 1.  will change tts voice to the first and normal one.

                                                                                                        /run TextToSpeech_SetRate(10) will set tts speed to maximum.

                                                                                                        /tts mymessages    very important to test tts in  chats when typing own stuff.

                                                                                                        /tts stopp      stops all tts messages currently running and in queue.

                                                                                                       /run TextToSpeechFramePanelContainer.PlaySoundSeparatingChatLinesCheckButton:Click()

                                                                                                                                                  will toggle the sound between every line spoken in every language.