Blood Legion Cooldown

285,797 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 27, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3  

Helps track raid cooldowns visually with icons and bars. It is designed to have minimal impact and be very simple to understand and configure.

/blcd opt :: open the options screen
/blcd show :: toggles visibility of the addon
/blcd reset :: reset all running cooldowns and available counts
/blcd wipe :: reset cooldowns after a wipe
/blcd lock :: lock/unlock the cooldown frame position
/blcd extra :: filter out extra raid members (only the first 10/25 members of the raid will be tracked)
/blcd clearextra :: resets extra filtering to show all players
/blcd rescan :: rescan the raid for talents

When reporting a bug please include the following information:
- What version of BLCD did you see the error in?
- Do you have ElvUI installed and enabled?
- Do you have any other addons installed and enabled? (Please list them)
- The full text of any lua errors (installing BugSack and !BugGrabber will allow you to easily report lua errors)

Todo List:

- Adjustable bar size
- Adjustable bar text size
- Bar texture and font
- Resume current bars after /reload or when joining a group (latter option would require other users to have addon)
- Horizontal layout


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