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This addon is no longer being developed (As you might have guessed). I simply don't have any interest in playing the game any longer (For a few months by now, actually).


Should anyone want to take over and continue the development of this addon, feel free to send me a pm.


BiS Tracker tracks and displays the best in slots items for your character. 


Click the arrow in the top-right of your character window to open up the addon popout.



- Displays whether or not you have the item equipped/in your bags.
- Displays where to obtain the item.
- Displays the item stats.
- Check all classes BiS items.
- Show a toast when you get an item that is your best in slot.

- Allows you to link the item in chat.

- Allows you to check how the item looks in the wardrobe.

- Ability to add your own sets under a "Custom" tab in the class dropdown.



How to add your own set:

To add your own set, select the class "Custom", and press "Add new spec" under the spec dropdown.

The itemID can be found on wowhead (Example link: - The itemID would be 4369)

The Zone is what zone the item can be found in, instance or openworld.

The method is by profession, by killing, or by quest.

NPC/Quest is what npc/quest will drop/sell/reward it.

And the drop chance is the drop chance of the item.


Should you not want to fill out the specific item. just leave the itemID as 0 and it won't show up on the list.


Planned Features:

- Ability to move the window freely



The addon currently displays all BiS items for phase 1 and 2.

BiS items for the rest of the phases will come later.


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