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BiS Tracker - Wotlk Classic & Classic


Open Source: https://github.com/Zentarg/bistracker





BiSTracker tracks and displays the best in slots items for your character. 

Open the main UI by either typing the /bst command, or utilizing the minimap button. 


BiSTracker has received a complete UI and Codebase overhaul. Don't worry, your old custom sets should still be perfectly compatible. (Always backup your SavedVariables file if youre unsure.)


To access the options either right click the minimap button, or type "/bst options" in the chat.


Main UI:

Main UI


Compact version:


- Displays whether or not you have the item equipped/in your bags.
- Displays where to obtain the item.
- Displays the item stats.
- Check all classes BiS items.

- Ability to add your own sets under a "Custom" tab in the class dropdown.

- Shows you how your character would look with the set.

- Ability to resize and move window

- Ability to manipulate the model position, rotation, and zoom in the modelviewer

- Ability to ctrl-click to inspect an item

- Ability to shift-click to link an item 

- Ability to export any of your custom sets

- Ability to import any set (Links with export)

- Ability to connect the main window to the CharacterFrame window

- Ability to move the main window toggle button (In a confined area)

- Auto fill for sources of items in custom sets







How to add your own set:

To add your own set, select the class "Custom", and press the pen at the topright of the main UI.

To edit an item, simply click on the slot you want to edit.

The itemID can be found on wowhead (Example link: https://classic.wowhead.com/item=4369/deadly-blunderbuss - The itemID would be 4369)

The method dropdown, is how you obtain the item.

Npc ID is the ID of the npc that drops the item.

Quest ID is ID of the quest that gives the reward.

Recipe ID is the id (spellID) of the recipe that crafts the item.

Npc Name is the name of the npc. 


All these can be found on wowhead.


The Zone is what zone the item can be found in, instance or openworld.

And lastly, the drop chance is the drop chance of the item.


Should you not want to fill out the specific item. just leave the itemID as 0 and it won't show up on the list.

Custom Set UI:

Custom Set UI


Auto Fill:


(Caution: All data is pulled from tbc.wowhead.com with wowhead.com being a backup source in case no information was found on the tbc version. So not all information is there, and take the existing information with a grain of salt.)


Export UI:

Import UI:


Text written in the "New Set Name" edit box will also override the premade set names.