Bigger Fish To Fry Tracker

5,094 Downloads Last Updated: May 11, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5

Lightweight command line tracker and helper for the Bigger Fish To Fry achievement.  Tracks fish already caught and which lures you will need to catch the rest.

It is especially useful when:

  • You have fished up a lure you don't need for the achievement so you can keep it for when you have the Artifact.
  • You have already done the achievement on one character on your battlenet account and wish to track the fish for another character.

BiggerFishToFryTracker runs with the slash command:

     /bfft  or  /bfft all  - gives a summary of all zones

     /bfft <any part of the zone name> - gives results for all zones which match eg. /bfft val

     /bfft this - results for the zone you are currently in (if any)


Thank you to madseasonshow for their excellent Guide on WoWHead entitled "The Underlight Angler - A Step by Step Guide to Obtaining Legion's Fishing Artifact".  It is this guide that supplied the information about the lures.



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