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This addon is a tool for Wow Battlegrounds

This addon will help you with things like small messages that can be useful in some stressful situations.

Works both for classic and retail. 


  1.    x Locks and unlocks a frame
  2.    x default messages.
  3.    x 2 custom messages.
  4.    x 5 different sizes
  5.    x 12 class colors + black and grey
  6.    x Pops up when you enter an instance
  7.    x Dissapear when you leave an instance
  8.    x Information


I will soon in the future add Battlegrounds that is missing: 

  1. For the custom mesages you create two macros named "!msg3" and "!msg4" and just type in your message direct in the body.
  2. Slash Commands: /bgc show.  /BGC show



You can create your own icons using uncompressed .tga files in 256x256 or 64x64 px. Just replace the one in icons folder with your own and it should work.



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