36,110 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 26, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

This addon was for the three Domination Battlegrounds in wow.

-"Arathi Basin", "Deepwind Gorge" and "The Battle for Gilneas" from the start.

Now is also have added "Eye of the Storm", "Silvershard Mines", "Strand of the Ancients", "Alterac Valley" and "Isle of Conquest".

It is one frame for each bg except "AV" that has two. The frames will load when you enter the batleground and you can drag the frame wherever you want.

When you click left mouse button it calls for help and when you press right mouse button it says base is safe. If you hold Shift + left mouse button it calls for "Big incoming" and only left mouse button calls for "A few incoming". Shift + right mouse button will say "All to" and it can be useful in AV when you want all come to Vandar/Drek.

Slash Commands are:/BGCallouts followed by show, hide or rwoff.

Ex. /BGCallouts show and /BGCallouts hide. Whith this function you can toggle frames for position them. You can set them on top of each other because only one of them will load in each battleground except AV that has two, one offense/defense for each faction.

/BGCallouts rwoff will turn off the raid warning even if you are assistant or raid leader. If you want raid warnings back just do a /reload. For the raid warnings you have to be assistant or raid leader also.

Also when you enter a new zone the addon will hide.

You can create your own icons using uncompressed .tga files in 256x256 or 64x64 px. Just replace the one in icons folder with your own and it should work.


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