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BetterDefaultUI will remove gryphons, repositions the blizzard action bars on the middle of the screen and on top of each other and will reposition the bags and micromenu to the bottom right corner.

Will also output the item counts to chat whenever you loot something.

Some resizing and recoloring of the standard unit frames.


Please disable all action bar addons or unit frame addons you are using before using this addon. Any addon that modifies action bars or creates new action bars  or change the unit frames will conflict.

This addon is for those players that want an upgrade from the normal blizzard action bars with a minimalist approach.

It reuses blizzard's code, as much as possible.


In development: Other quality of life improvements.


If you find any issues, please drop me a message or a comment and i will sort them as fast as possible.

If you have an idea for a quality of life improvement i will be glad to hear it and might implement it into BDU.


*XP BAR: Disable or enable the xp bar with /bdu xpbar disable or /bdu xpbar enable.

*UNIT FRAMES: Disable or enable the unit frame modifications with /bdu unitframes disable or /bdu unitframes enable.

*LOOT MESSAGES: Disable or enable the loot messages with /bdu loot disable or /bdu loot enable.

*CASTBAR: Disable or enable the custom castbar with /bdu castbar disable or /bdu  castbar enable.

*COMBAT TIMER: Disable or enable the combat timer feature with /bdu combat disable or /bdu combat enable.

- Type /reload after changing the option(s) to activate.


* For Wotlk Classic and Classic Era (Vanilla).