BetterBags - Mists Remix


BetterBags - Mists Remix

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BetterBags Mists Remix helps organize and categorize various types of items for the Mists of Pandaria remix event. The addon categorizes gems, meta gems, cogwheel gems, tinker gems, prismatic gems, buff items, utility items, consumables, and threads.


  • Meta Gems: Categorizes various meta gems found in the game.
  • Cogwheel Gems: Categorizes gems that fit into cogwheel sockets.
  • Tinker Gems: Categorizes gems used for tinker enhancements.
  • Prismatic Gems: Categorizes prismatic gems.
  • Buff Items: Categorizes items that provide buffs.
  • Utility Items: Categorizes items with utility functions.
  • Consumables: Categorizes consumable items.
  • Threads: Categorizes temporal and perpetual threads.

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