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BetterBags - iLvl


BetterBags plugin

Create a custom category to filter low iLvl items (the threshold can be set in the options) in BetterBags.

All items having an ilvl lower than the threshold set in the options will be grouped in a "Low iLvl" category.

You can choose not to include junk items in this category (included by default).


Compatible with BetterBags - Legendary and BetterBags - Tabards, meaning that if those plugins are installed, items matching those two will not end up in the "Low iLvl" category.


Added a new language to support?

If you want your addon in your language, a "Localization" tab is available on Curse to translate. If you do, don't hesitate to ping me in the comments (I don't get notifications when new translations are added, and I sometimes forget to check).