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bdNameplate are a lightweight replacement to the default nameplates. It adds a couple of great features to the new nameplates introduced in legion. But mostly it makes them not look like crap.


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note: You need bdCore to use this addon, or any other bd_ addons


Threat coloring (red for aggro, orange for danger, green for not)
Class coloring
Better target indication (higher alpha/white text)
Quick reskin to personal resource display
Custom aura tracking (in addition to default stuns/spells tracked by blizzard)
Friendly player name display with raid-relevant debuffs (customizable)


/bd config to access in game config


If you check "Friendly Names in Raid", the addon will change a cVar that will hide all default nameplates so that these names show up. If you uninstall bdNameplates, be sure to uncheck that box or run this command: 

/script SetCVar('nameplateShowOnlyNames', 0)

To Do List
Finding a way to let nameplates be clickable on mouse down instead of up.

Shoutout to Zork for making this way better with oUF implementation


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