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Baud Bag

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Allows you to combine your bags into a single, larger one, yet gives you the power to choose which bags to combine. Complete with a user-friendly graphical menu for changing how your bags will display. Use chatcommands /baudbag or /bb, the menu button on any of BaudBag's containers or the addon options interface of WoW, to change the settings for this addon.

Feature List

  • Customizable bag joining.
  • Various choices for visual style, including all of Blizzard's original bag skins (Dragonflight skin not supported yet).
  • Bank and Reagentbank contents viewable at any time.
  • Original or custom coloring for item rarity (Uncommon, Rare, Epic).
  • Tracking of up to 5 Tokens in the first bag container.
  • Bags are scalable and column count can be adjusted.
  • Free slot count.
  • Automatic loot selling on vendors.
  • Easy to use options menu.


Baud Bag is now available for WoW Classic and WoW Classic Wrath of the Lichking! A few things that people are used to in newer versions of Baud Bag and might be missing here (as they simply don't exist there):

  • reagent bank
  • list of tokens in the bagpack
  • overlay icons for quest related items

Help wanted

You know Lua? You want to help with refactoring and extending the addon? Feel free to dive into the code, everything is visible on GitHub. I look forward to your pull requests!

I specifically could use the help of some international users of Baud Bag who would be willing to validate and complete the translations of the current localizations in all languages except English and German!

Known Issues

  • Right-clicking a reagent in the bags when visiting the bank will not place the item straight in the reagent bank but the regular bank first and moving it to reagent bank afterwards.
  • Dragonflight skin not yet supported


For any bugs or suggestions please use the ticket tracker at: CurseForge (please do not post bugs or suggenstions in the comments, they might get lost!).

Baud Bag is not affiliated with the other great "Baud addons" other than they should have been originally created by Baudzilla..


Thanks to Baudzilla for creating and Suddendeath2000 for maintaining this addon before I came along!