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This tiny addon instantly and automatically clicks "Release Spirit" when the death popup appears in a non-arena battleground, which helps prevent missing the next spirit resurrection.

It can also optionally use Soulstone, which makes Soulstone act effectively like Guardian Spirit, healing you to half when you die. A configurable delay for using Soulstone automatically is implemented. This is disabled by default, but a delay could help to prevent whoever just killed you from immediately continuing to kill you, as they might leave to do something else during the delay.

Chat commands:

/bsr - open GUI options menu
/bsr help - list CLI slash commands
/bsr toggle/[enable/on/start]/[disable/off/stop] - toggle whether BSR should release spirit
/bsr soulstone [enable/on/start]/[disable/off/stop] - toggle whether BSR should use soulstone
/bsr soulstonedelay <number from 0 to 20> - set delay before using soulstone, in seconds