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Battle Pet Binds is a very small addon that does exactly what is stated: lets you change the key bindings for Pet Battles without affecting your normal keybinds. Additionally, Battle Pet Binds adds new key bindings for forfeiting, passing your turn, and changing pets. This lets you actually play pet battles entirely with the keyboard alone instead of having to use both keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, there is even support for you to bind everything to the mouse instead, allowing pet battles to be played without the keyboard.

Addon Default Binds

First action button: 1
Second action button: 2
Third action button: 3
Swap Pet menu: 4
Trap enemy pet: 5
Swap to First Pet: F1
Swap to Second Pet: F2
Swap to Third Pet: F3
Pass Turn: T
Forfeit Match: F

  • Note that you do not need the Swap Pet menu open to use the F1-F3 keys. They will automatically change pets for you seamlessly.
  • Note there is no confirmation dialogue for forfeiting a match when using the F key. This is intentional to reduce wasted click time, but just be careful you do not forfeit a match you did not want to.

Changing the Default Binds

Changing the default bindings is now super simple!

Just hit Escape, click on Interface, then click on the Addon tab on the top, and then click on "Battle Pet Binds". Alteratively, you could type "/battlepetbinds". Now, you're at the main options panel and can bind keys with ease by clicking on the button you want to bind and then pressing the key you want.