Azeroth Pilot Reloaded

The continuation of Azeroth Auto Pilot, a leveling Add-On with a legacy.
Rebirthed and remastered from the ashes of something great!



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Waypoint Arrow

Directs you using built in coordinates without the need for TomTom.


Quest Objectives 

Tells you your current quest objective, and keeps track of how many items you picked up and the mobs you killed.


Quest Objective Notes

These display a specific note for that quest such as 'Inside the Cave' or 'Click on the item next to the NPC'.


Auto Gossip*

Selects the gossip option for your quest.


Auto Pick up and Hand In of Quests*

Automatically accepts the specific quests, and hands them in to the NPC.


Auto Skip Cutscenes*

Automatically skips a cutscene to save time (if skip-able).


Group Questing 

APR shows your party members, and syncs with them to show their step(s), if they are also using APR.


Keybinding Quest items

Supports the binding of a key for quest items, as well as setting the quest item to your cursor.


Movable and Scalable UI

The UI elements are movable and scalable (Quest List [objectives], Quest Order List [steps], and the Waypoint Arrow).


Chat Commands

Using the /apr prefix (see the 'Settings/Commands' section).


Multiple Routes

Routes through previous and current expansions. More are being developed and created (or fixed).


Note: The Auto Quest Pickup and Hand In, Gossip/NPC Chatting, and cutscene skips can be temporarily disabled by holding down the 'Control' key when interacting with an NPC.



Settings & Commands

Settings can be found through "Interface > Addons > Azeroth Pilot Reloaded" or by launching the Options panel via /apr.


Using the /apr prefix, the below commands are available.
Note: These commands are displayed with their shorthand versions, variations may be omitted from this list.

  • /apr help, h - Displays the (up-to-date) commands in-game.
  • /apr coord - Toggle display of a world coordinates frame.
  • /apr discord - Provides the URL for our Discord to copy.
  • /apr forcereset, fr - Resets APR's saved character cache, this is useful if you run into a major issue with syncing, or started questing, deleted the character and remade a new one using the same name.
  • /apr github - Provides the URL for our Github to copy.
  • /apr qol - Toggle Quest Order List frame.
  • /apr reset, r - Resets your steps for your current zone. Useful if you accidentally went off track or skipped way too far ahead.
  • /apr rollback, rb - Rolls back one step (opposite of skip, useful if you skipped too far).
  • /apr route - Open the route option.
  • /apr skip, s, skippiedoodaa - Skips one step forward in your currently displayed Task/Objective.+
  • /apr status - Shows the current state of the addon.
  • /apr scribe, writer - ;)
  • /apr 42 - ;)




Note: Names are all based off of user Discord or GitHub aliasas.


Core Developers

Periodic & consistant contributors to the addon's code.

Neogeekmo / Neoldric - Primary Core Developer & Full-Stack Developer

Kamian - Core Developer



Occasional contributors to the addon's code.

8goldbow - Retired Core Developer


Graphic & UI Designers

Rycia - Graphic Designer & UI Designer

Neogeekmo / Neoldric - UI Designer



Route Designers

Pahonix - General Route Designer

Ola - Dragonflight Route Designer
Neogeekmo / Neoldric - General Route Designer

DeathMessinger - Retired Route Designer


Support Team

The people who answer your questions!

Pahonix - Support Team

NightOfStarrs - Support Team & QA



Want to support our efforts in translating APR?

Please join our Discord!

Neogeekmo / Neoldric - French Translator

Mania - French Translator

Kamian - German Translator


Azeroth Auto Pilot & legacy

Here lies the credits for legacy AAP development prior to APR.

Zyrrael - Legacy Maintainer & Core Developer

Legacy Azeroth Auto Pilot Team - Developers that once spear-headed the development

DesMephisto - Route Designer of the original default Warlords of Draenor speed-run leveling route

BrutallStatic - Assited in the Shadowlands 50-60 route

TeddyRuxpins - Assited in the Shadowlands 50-60 route