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181,399 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 31, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

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This is a custom user interface for World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, with a fresh new design and brand new custom codebase at its core. Designed by Daniel "Blakmane" Troko & coded by Lars "Goldpaw" Norberg.

The motivation of this user interface is immersion, and a more simplified gaming experience then what the "norm" has turned into. This game has SO much information that if not handled carefully becomes cumbersome, therefore blocking the most important asset of the game, the world. The best interface is no interface at all, but in a game such as this that is not possible. But if we have to block away parts of the game world to see information about the game mechanics, then at least let’s make it dynamic, beautiful and in sync with the game's aesthetics. Let's make it Warcraft!

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It's so big, how can I scale it down?

You can't. It's meant to be this big! We're a couple of lazy, laid back gamers, and prefer gaming in a fair distance from our screens, keeping things relaxed and simplified. Big health bars, easy to see big buttons, nothing there we don't absolutely need. We treat this as a console game, and this UI is built around that philosophy. The sizes should thus be relatively the same on all screens, relative to the height of the screen.

How can I move things?

You can't. This is as much UX as UI, meaning the interface is designed around a concept, this isn't meant to be a pretty skin over your current interface, it's instead a full user experience system where how you interact with the game is affected.

How can I get more action buttons, and where are the pet- and stance bars?

The stance bar will be introduced as an optional feature in an upcoming update, as will the pet bar. If you need them right away, you can always use Bartender for it along with our our Masque skin.

For more buttons, right-click the cogwheel icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can have a maximum of 24 buttons, which in effect is the main actionbar and the bar known in the default interface as the "bottom left multi action bar".

How can I disable the actionbars?

This is not a feature we intend to implement. We do realize that some of you would like this feature for it to look better with ConsolePort, or just completely replace our bars with Bartender, but dismantling our user interface to make it fit a completely different project slightly better just isn't something we're going to do. We do plan to release a project better suited for ConsolePort, though. So those looking for that, follow our twitter!

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