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AzeriteUI 5.2 is a custom World of Warcraft user interface for Dragonflight, Wrath Classic and Classic Era.

Downloading & Installing

I recommend downloading the UI from either CurseForge or Wago, or use their respective download clients which provides the same versions and installs them automatically for you. I do not recommend using untagged git versions as they can contain bugged or unfishined code, nor will I be providing any help on how to install them for this very reasons.


Q: How can I remove abilities from the action bars?
A: Hold down Alt+Ctrl+Shift and drag with the left mouse button.

Q: How can I access the expansion/garrison/order hall page?
A: Click the middle mouse button on the Minimap.

Q: How can I access the in-game event calendar?
A: Click on the clock next to the Minimap.

Configuring the UI

  • /azerite - Toggles the options menu.
  • /lock - Toggles the movable frame anchors. (Note that in Retail a lot of the default Blizzard elements are controlled by the EditMode, so you need to enter it to move or scale these.)
  • /resetsettings - Full settings reset of the addon. Only use this in emergencies as it will erase all your settings profiles when doing it.