Last Updated: May 13, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Jan 12, 2009

Owner: zarknoid

- Ever been in a battleground defending a flag just to be jumped by a rogue/druid and then have the flag captured, cause you had no time to call for help?

- Do you want to make getting honor points easier?

- Are you a new PvP'er trying to adjust to fast pace of the battlegrounds like Arathi Basin, Eye Of the Storm or wintergrasp? Well if you're any of the above or are just trying to look for an edge to you're pvping try INCOMING. INCOMING combines an easy to use interface and a simple mouse to call for help. Yup that's all it takes one click to warn you're fellow PvPers that you need help and another click to tell them that you no longer need any so that they can become useful somewhere else.


Slash Commands


/inc Load the Incoming interface

/inc u Unload the Incoming interface

/inc l Lock and save the Incoming interface into the current screen position

/inc r Reset, unlock, and center the Incoming interface

/inc ? Help display will list all the slash commands

/inc v Version of Incoming

/inc s# Scale the Incoming interface to a percentage [ s50 would scale to 50% ]

/inc b Brief messages in battlegrounds

/inc f Full messages in battlegrounds

/inc t Tell those around you that you are using the Incoming BG mod Battlegrounds supported =======================

- Arathi Basin

- Eye of the Storm

- Wintergrasp

- Battle for Gilneas

- Isle of Conquest

- Warsong Gulch

- Twin Peaks

- Tol Barad

- Alterac Valley


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