Auz's GoldTracker

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2015 Game Version: 6.0.3


Jan 14, 2015

Owner: xAuzx

This is a very simple, bare-bones, session (login to logout) gold tracker. It's really 2 trackers in one.

  • A "Session" Gold Tracker. - Records all gold made/lost from login to logout. That info is displayed in the tooltip.
  • A "Situational" Gold Tracker. - Records only gold made/lost since you reset the display. That info is what is displayed in the UI and can be reset with the "x" button in the display.

I have found it useful to get an idea of what I will make in one dungeon or another by using the situational tracker. Just reset the display when your ready to run and it will record your gold from that point on until you reset the display again. The session tracker is continuing to record all gold made/lost since you logged in even if you reset the display and only resets upon logging out.


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