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IMPORTANT: I'm no longer playing WoW and I don't intend to come back anytime soon, so the development of my addons is halted. Sorry for the inconvenience.


How does it work?

It's quite simple: open the Spellbook and press the "AutoMacro" button on the top-right corner of the frame. Then, click on any spell and BANG! A macro for that spell is created. That simple!

You can save the macros on the Personal or the General tabs. The name of it and its icon will be the ones from the spell itself.

Why did I create this?

When I got my Razer Naga mouse, I've started creating mouseover macros for my spells, so I could use it with the mouse numeric keyboard. However, it was pretty tedious copy-pasting and replacing spell's name here and there.

This was even worse when I installed Legion beta and found out I should create ALL the macros again, even if I've imported the character. Ouch.

So, I had the idea to create this little addon to help me create spell macros way faster!

Can I edit the macro text?

Of course! Simply right-click on the AutoMacro button and then a frame will popup where you can change the macro the addon will generate.

AMAZING! How can I help?

The addon may still have some bugs out there. I'm not a programmer, so the code is not the best one. If you found anything or have some suggestions, feel free to contact me!


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