AutoLayer is a powerful World of Warcraft Classic addon designed with a singular goal - to facilitate the seamless layer-switching experience for all players. Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually inviting players who want to switch layers. Let AutoLayer take care of the invitations and enhance your gameplay in WoW Classic!

Effortless Layer Switching: AutoLayer specializes in simplifying the layer-switching process. It automatically detects players' requests to switch layers based on specific keywords found in chat messages. This ensures that everyone who wants to switch layers gets an invitation without delay.

Blacklisted Keywords: Maintain control over who gets invited by setting up a list of blacklisted keywords. AutoLayer will avoid sending invites to players using these keywords, ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

Enhanced Party Management: Once a player joins the party, AutoLayer can send a personalized whisper to welcome them or provide essential information. Create a warm and friendly atmosphere for your party members.

implified Toggling: Activate or deactivate the AutoLayer addon with a simple click on the minimap icon. Enjoy the flexibility to control when the addon is actively scanning for keywords and sending invitations.

Cooldown Management: Prevent spam and ensure fairness by setting cooldowns for players who have either declined an invite or have recently been invited. This feature maintains a smooth invitation process for all parties involved.

By using AutoLayer, you're not only ensuring that everyone who wants to switch layers can do so effortlessly, but you're also making it easier for yourself to find a suitable layer. Whether you're a dedicated dungeon explorer, a seasoned raider, or simply seeking companions for your adventures, AutoLayer is your ultimate companion for efficient layer-switching and party management.

  • Written with the help of chatGPT 3.5, overviewed by me, the information is correct, im just bad at writing stuff :)