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AutoLootPlus is an extremely thin (less than 1 KB of memory usage) addon that improves the speed of Blizzard's default auto looting. When installed, auto looting a corpse or container is nearly instant and almost always occurs before the loot window is even displayed. The only limit for how quickly AutoLootPlus can perform is a player's latency but even then it will always outperform Blizzard's default auto looting in terms of speed.

Note: AutoLootPlus does not work in conjunction with loot filter addons.

To enable AutoLootPlus

AutoLootPlus seeks the same conditions that enable Blizzard's auto looting, all of which are found in the Interface menu (under the Controls section). Out of the following conditions, only one should be true in order to enable AutoLootPlus's functionality:

  • Auto Loot is enabled (disabled by default)
  • The Auto Loot Key is held down (SHIFT key by default)


  • Near-instant auto looting
  • No disconnections
  • Less than 1 KB of memory usage