What is AuraTracker?

  • This addon displays a status what spell is active or inactive as icon in color or grayscale.
  • Not only does it display auras, but it also allows monitoring of spell cooldowns and various resources for each class.
  • Supported languages : English, Korean
  • Command of configuration : /at , /auratracking

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AuraTracker's features

  • Tracking Buff and Debuff
  • Tracking Cooldwon of Spell and Item
  • Tracking Totem : Thing of displayed on totem frame (Ex: Totem, Efflorescence, Summons, Statue, Run of power, Ghoul, Shadow Fiend, Consecration, etc..)
  • Tracking Basic power : Mana, Rage, Focus, Energy, RunicPower, LunarPower, Maelstrom, Insanity, etc..
  • Tracking Class's power : Rune, Combo, SoulShards, HolyPower, AraneCharges, Essence, Chi, etc..
  • Tracking Brewmaster monk's stagger : The damage received by Brewmaster is displayed on the screen in the form of a bar.


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  • If the add-on is not functioning properly, please inquire via the email below.
  • gmanhdh@gmail.com

Related Projects

  • AceSerializer-3.0, LibCompress and Weakaura Transmission are used for the lua table object convert to string.