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Auction Snatch

Revamped by Angelblue05 -- custom features, bug fixes and reskin for altz ui/aurora

New custom features

  • Mass cancel auctions option
  • Small buying tracker
  • Track sold auctions while they are pending
  • Start/stop query (for the list and individual item)
  • Create as many lists as you want
  • Copy entries from list to list
  • Remember prices for auctions (via the sell option)
  • Cancel auction on right-click
  • Create shortcut to edit entry and add notes
  • Add an auto-open option
  • iLvl filter
  • Stacks of 1 filter
  • Reskin to match Altz UI/Aurora skin UI (optional)

Auction Snatch is a lightweight add-on that keeps saved lists of items you want to buy from the Auction House, and automatically scans the Auction House for every item on your list. It's very fast and will happen before you even have time to type anything in. If an auction is found, a prompt will appear to ask you what you want to do. The selections in the Prompt are self-explanatory.

Many mods keep track of items you want to remember or search for - but I found it tedious to keep selecting items in the list. Shopping List automates that process. I no longer worry about missing the rare Hyacinth Macaw in the auction house!


A new tab will appear on the Auction House Frame. Clicking that will bring up the interface. Type in your search queries, hit enter, and then when your list is complete, click 'Start Search'.

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  • [ Import list ] Select which list you want to view
  • [ List options ] Per list options:
    • [ Rename list ] Rename the currently loaded list (exception being server-default list)
    • [ Doorbell sound ] Fun sound when prompt for buying shows
    • [ Ignore bids ] Ignore bidding price, only consider the buyout price
    • [ Ignore no buyouts ] Ignore items without a buyout price
    • [ Icon tooltip ] Enable tooltip on mouseover for icons in the list
  • [ Create list ] Create a new list
  • [ Value in copper ] Changes the value, at the time of input, between copper or gold-only
  • [ Remember price ] When using the sell option, remember the unit price from previous auction
  • [ Search same auction ] Search your owned auctions by double-clicking the item name in the auctions tab. Reload ui required when disabling this option
  • [ Cancel auction ] Toggle Cancel auction on right-click in the auctions tab. Requires reload ui when disabling this option.
  • [ Alerts ] Sounds and Chat alerts
    • [ Chat ] Chat alerts for specific auction events  
      • [ Sold ] When opening the Auction House, print a list of your newly sold auctions.
    • [ Sounds ] Sounds for specific auction events  
      • [ Outbid ] You have been outbid on %s.
      • [ Sold ] Your auction of %s sold.
      • [ Expired ] Your auction of %s has expired.
  • [ Auto-open ] Open Auction Snatch automatically when opening the Auction House
  • [ Auto-start ] Once the Auction Snatch window is open, start searching automatically the default list

Other features:

  • 'Esc' will always close any open frames
  • Shift-click the start search button to start where you left off
  • Double-click the item in list will search the Auction House
  • Right-click the item in list will auto-search the Auction House for the item
  • Shift-click on any item in your bags, auction listing or in chat links to add that item to your list while Auction Snatch is open.
  • When opening the Auction House, holding shift will reverse the auto-search feature.
  • Re-order or Ignore items in the list
  • Set maximum buyout price per item. Auction Snatch will not prompt you for items above that price.
  • Localization available: English, French, Russian

Slash commands: (example: /as debug)

  • debug: Toggle debug  
  • searchauction: Search owned auction on double-click in the auctions tab
  • cancelauction: Toggle Cancel auction on right-click in the auctions tab
  • searchoncreate: Toggle Search the item in the Auction House after creating the auction in our list
  • sound [outbid|sold|expired]: Toggle respective sounds
  • chat sold: Toggle chat alert for sold auctions

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