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Auction Faster - A really fast auction house addon

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Updated for 8.3, there are couple of known bugs and one big change since previous patch:

1. Alt-click is now the default buyout shortcut instead of shift-click

2. Chain buy no longer makes sense so it has been replaced by simple confirmation window


Bugs/Suggestions here:


Quick video how it works (Cursor is misaligned only because of OBS):


So what are the features?


  1. It doesn't scan all the pages while you search for something (it is similar to default blizzard UI)
  2. It is veeeeery lightweight at least compared to TSM or Auctioneer, and super fast
  3. Automatically sets price to lowest it finds. You will be 100% sure your auction is first in all AH addons because of 8.3 LIFO queue
  4. Has the ability to remember last set price and turn off undercutting
  5. Automatically lists all sellable items in bag, no need to drag anything.
  6. Has money inputs that understands strings like "2s", "9999g", "999g 40s" so you don't need to enter gold, silver, copper separately.

How does it look like?


Sell interface:



Buy Interface:




Special thanks to alar for allowing to borrow code for tutorials from ChampionCommander.