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[Try out the new version for TBC Classic and if you find any errors or have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments down below or open an issue about it! Thank you!]

[Due to the rework of the Auction House in 8.3, Retail WoW is no longer supported]


AuctionBuddy is a small fast auction house addon using Blizzard artstyle.

It is intended to be an improvement from the vanilla auction house. It's main features are:

Fast Search:

  • AuctionBuddy scans the items from your bags and puts them on a list inside the User Interface so you can search any by just left clicking on them.

Search History:

  • Previous searches are stored into an easily accessible list.

Favorite Lists System:

  • Similar to the previous category, you will be able to save (and then remove) specific searches, either by introducing manually the name of them or by right-clicking any item from your bag items list.
  • Also you will be able to create delete and rename multiple favorite lists.

Smart Sell:

A related list to the one from Fast Search be shown in the Sell window, where you will be able to sell any item from your bags by left clicking on that list. It will also set the price per item equal to the lowest posted in that moment.

Other Actions:

  • All windows are draggable.
  • Double left click to insta buy.
  • Multiple search filters.
  • UI Scaling.
  • Auto-complete input search text.


Incoming Features: 

Shift-Clicking any item to automatically search it (mainly aimed at profession items).

Historical price data per item.

Buy multiple items at once (chain buy).


This is my first addon, it's still in development and will be evolving continuously but if you like it please leave your feedback in the comments!


Thank you!



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