Auctionator MiniFeatures

157,384 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

This addon is an extension to Auctionator that provides some tooltip enhancements:

  • colors Auctionator's price text in bright red on items not found in today's auction house scans
  • an indicator to show whether auction prices rose or fell since last day's data
  • an indicator to show whether auction prices are currently higher or lower than your most recent auction for this item
  • show Auctionator's pricing data on BattlePet tooltips
  • some improvements for BattlePet handling to avoid Lua errors


I am in no way associated with the Auctionator addon nor its author, Zirco. Auctionator is awesome as-is but let's make it even more awesome!

Manual changes to Auctionator

As of Auctionator MiniFeatures 5.1 you no longer need to make any changes to the Auctionator addon! Just plug&play, hurray!


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