This is a modified AtlasLootClassic which contains the new items for Season of Discovery.



  • Raid Loot: Updated loot from new raids, including drop rates, drop source and set item collections
  • PvP LootAdded new Honor and WSG items
  • Professions: New craftables has been added to your profession tabs including material requirements for each item
  • Quest rewards: Added quest rewards from BFD raid



Open AtlasLootClassic options by pressing Shift + Left Click on the minimap button or by typing /al options.



Add items to your favorites list by pressing Alt + Left Click. Open your favorites tab by pressing Right Click on your minimap button




Disclaimer: I am not the original author of AtlasLootClassic. This is a modified version with added features for Season of Discovery!!!

Original AtlasLootClassic: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/atlaslootclassic