AtlasQuest - Fan Update

1,888,087 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1


AtlasQuest is an addon for another World of Warcraft addon called "Atlas".  AtlasQuest adds a panel to the side of Atlas that lists most quests for a given Dungeon, Raid or Battleground.


It was originally created by Asurn in 2006. Since July 2007 it has been maintained and updated by Thandrenn (aka Mystery8). Over the years there have been many contributions by the community.  Most are listed in the changelog.txt.


Information for AtlasQuest is gathered either first-hand in the game or from


AtlasQuest presently supports both the current Shadowlands expansion as well as WoW Classic.





- Shadowlands version supports English and German.

- Classic version supports English, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Korean and Russian




Known Issues

- The default option to color quests Blue if they're in your Quest Log is disabled.  It was causing problems.  I'll fix it as soon as I can.  That section of code is particularly ugly and I might just re-write it altogether.


- Equipment Comparison tooltips don't work.  This affects both Classic and Shadowlands versions.


- Certain UI elements aren't displaying. Like the bars around the quest list and the background for the Options window.


- Blue colored text is "leaking" in the quest info window.




NOTE: AtlasQuest requires both Atlas and Atlas' map packs to work.


Download them here:



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